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When a loved one cannot make important decisions about their own affairs, either due to old age, illness, disability, or being a minor, they need the assistance of others. The establishment of guardianship gives family members or other trusted individuals the ability to make crucial decisions and take legal actions on their loved one's behalf.

At Andrew Dunlap Attorneys, PLLC, we recommend that guardianship wishes be addressed long before a hypothetical situation becomes a reality. We can assist our clients in the estate planning process to consider what arrangements they would like to have if they are going to be subject to guardianship. However, we can also assist in establishing temporary guardianship in emergency cases and guardianship for special needs adults.

Trusted Counsel for Guardianship Cases

Under Texas law, appointed guardians can make financial decisions and provide care and day-to-day guidance for individuals who are unable to care for themselves. The individual who is the subject of guardianship is known as a "ward." At our firm, we can establish a variety of different guardianships depending on the situation. We can also assist if a ward or their assets have been taken advantage of by a guardian or by an outside party.

Guardianship of a Minor or Adult

It can be a difficult decision to seek guardianship over an aging parent or another close family member. They may become more confused with everyday decisions or unreliable with their finances. If your elderly loved one has become more confused and is losing the capacity to make wise decisions for themselves, it may be time to seek an adult guardianship.

For parents or other family members who need to establish legal guardianship over a special needs adult or an individual who has been injured or incapacitated and can no longer make important decisions on their own, a guardian can provide day-to-day guidance and care for a person who cannot take care of themselves. Once a child with special needs turns 18, it is essential to have a guardianship plan in place already to manage their affairs.

In the event of tragic situation where a child loses their parents, we can help to establish a minor guardianship. This type of guardianship can help manage any inheritances that a minor may receive from their parents' estate, such as real estate, life insurance benefits, and other financial assets.

Temporary Guardianship

In certain cases involving children or incapacitated adults, a temporary guardianship can be established. Temporary guardianships typically only last for 60 days or less, and they are used when the court recognizes that the ward or their assets are in imminent danger.

Guardianship Victim Representation

If you think that your loved one has been the victim of guardianship fraud or elder abuse, you need to contact a lawyer who will protect your loved one's best interests. There are specific details that may show that the recipient of guardianship has been the victim of fraud. Examples of such fraud can include theft, money laundering, or other forms of elder abuse. We can represent you and your loved one in these cases to ensure a person or their estate receives the restitution to which they are entitled.

Dallas County Lawyers for Guardianship Cases

No matter the circumstances, we will stand beside you to help you through the process and ensure that your loved ones will have the care and guidance they need. Andrew Dunlap Attorneys, PLLC can provide legal assistance with setting up guardianship for your aging parent, a special needs individual, or a minor child. Contact our office at 972-807-6357 today to get started.

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