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Regardless of your age, the size of your family, or the extent of the assets you own, it is important to make plans for the future. By creating a comprehensive estate plan, you can make sure your and your family's needs will be met in the years to come. This will help your family avoid confusion about your wishes, and it will ensure that your assets will be protected and that wealth can be transferred to future generations while avoiding legal complications.

At Andrew Dunlap Attorneys, PLLC, we provide a variety of estate planning and asset protection services, including assisting with the creation of wills and multiple different types of trusts. We can also establish living wills and powers of attorney and address issues related to guardianship and elder law. To learn more about how we can help your family prepare for the future, contact us at 972-807-6357 or fill out the contact form below.

Revocable Trust
Testamentary Trusts
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Durable Power of Attorney
Physician's Directives
Transfer upon death
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